• Eddie de la Rosa

Bradley & Erin

Ok, so this is an older film, but one that I haven't really blogged about. So here is a little about this films.

Bradley & Erin got married in a beautiful small church in Tallahassee Florida. I got to travel back and film their wedding day. Their reception was at Florida state university President's House.  Don't know the full details, but I know they rent it out for special events, and its a beautiful place for a wedding. Their rehearsal dinner was at this awesome museum called The Goodwood Museum & Gardens. Now that place, well that's a gorgeous place. Back when I thought I would stay in Tallahassee for the rest of my life, that was one of my number one picks for my own wedding. Anyways, Bradley and Erin are some of my good friends so I attended their wedding not just as a filmmaker, but also as their friend. I shot a little during the rehearsal dinner, mainly just to test out my cameras. This is something I like to do if there is a rehearsal, that way I know everything is working properly. Spent a great deal of time hanging out with their photographer, Kay Meyer, who the way is awesome to work with. If you're in Florida and still looking for a photographer, look her up!

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